Question – When is the last time you have your air-cond serviced?

If your answer is like most of others – quite some time ago and you do not know what kind of quality air you are breathing in everyday. Now it is time for you to pick up your phone to dial 1-300-888-COOL, talk to CoolMan and let us assist you

Question – How to dial COOL on my phone?

Easy task. Look at your phone keypad, there are small prints of ABC below number 2, JKL below number 5 and MNO below number 6. So, COOL is 2665 and CoolMan contact no is 1-300-888-2665(COOL).

CoolMan is a Malaysian based company which specializes in the field of air-conditioning for home and corporate users. Our core business includes providing quality air conditioning Contractual Maintenance Services and repair of offices and commercial air conditioners and we also provide Essential Maintenance Service Contract to our home users. Our comprehensive maintenance services give our clients peace of mind and our vast experiences enable us to provide our client with timely, cost-effective and professional service. We assure only the best air conditioning service without compromise.

CoolMan specialized in all major brands in Malaysia :




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